Allow email lists in CC and BCC fields

I have a need to send a copy of an email to a varied list of users. Its easy enough to create the list, but there is no way to add a list into the BCC of an email in an action. The action requires an individual email, and I can’t create an email field that has multiple addresses in it.
Is there a way around this (native in Tadabase) or is it something on the plans already ?


Hi @mtif -

I’m 100% with you on this suggestion. @kruizf201 and I am currently working on a processing flow BUT it will probably have to live outside of the TB platform. I have heard that this may be on the radar but not a priority at this time.

Once we get a workflow to function, I am happy to share with you. It will probably live in AWS or something like that.

More to come…


Hi @SafetyUniversity @mtif,
There is a pretty simple way to do this by utilizing pipes provided that the proper pieces are there. PM me if you are still working on a solution.