Allow Login with Phone Number

Maybe it’s simply not possible but worth asking.

Some of clients have customers who may only provide a phone number. If they do, it would be fantastic if logging in with an SMS-friendly phone number would be an option.

  1. Customer receives access to the app/site
  2. They are offered to login with an email address or phone number
  3. Customer might only have a phone number, so they enter a mobile number (SMS friendly)
  4. Customer receives a one-time 4-6 digit passcode via SMS to complete the login verification

Would this be within available functionality today?

I’m not sure but it’s pretty clear to me Tadabase is presently designed to require login via email address. Phone numbers can be used for 2FA – but not for login.

However, it’s possible to add a sign-up page that is available to the public. I wonder if you couldn’t take advantage of that feature somehow…


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