Alternative UK Address lookup? - Google not suitable

Hi everyone,

What are the top address registry’s for the UK?
Google isn’t predicting too well so I’d like to find a more reliable lookup with address prediction for my fields. Preferably free like Google!



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Watching with interest!

I’d love to understand more about this. What’s the issue with how Google address autocomplete works in the UK? Are the fields not aligned correctly? Are the results inaccurate?


Hey Moe,

The format of Google addresses follow the US standard so sometimes information gets lost.

Google maps also doesn’t recognise apartment numbers in a building so manual override is always need to get the correct address.

Google takes months longer to recognise new properties and buildings so if you’re using tadabase for a real estate, cleaning, plumbing company etc, addresses all have to be manually entered.

In the UK most use royal mail or ordinance survey to find addresses.