Android Mobile APK

Not so much a showcase of Tadabase functionality itself, but a demonstration that it is possible to launch a Tadabase application to the Google Play Store.

This is just a simple app that can be used by campers/caravaners/RV users to understand how many electric devices they can use on a campsite before tripping the Electric Hook Up.

Once I get my Google account validated it will run with admob ads:

To do this you create a “Webview” application using Android Studio.

Feel free to download, register and check it out if interested.

Check this page:

This is the sort of thing scripts like “Webviewgold” deliver or services like offer so there are solutions at different price points.

Reach out for any more info. The same (by my way of understanding) is also possible on Apple Devices.


Thanks for sharing. This is really cool.

I’d love to see this in action, but that link is not working. Any chance you can update the link?


Strange…could be where it’s in open BETA see screen shot).

I’ll try and post the APK directly.

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Ok cant post that file type. This is definitely the correct link.

@moe I’ve added the US to the available testing regions so maybe try again (or let me know a way to post up a link to an APK file).

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Very very cool! Love it! :heart_eyes:

Just installed it and tested on my Android. I agree with @Bella very cool indeed.

Thanks for sharing.

This is really cool @richUK! Can you add Canada to the testing region as well? Would love to check it out!

Done. Feel free to check it out @SuiteUpstairs

This is incredible Richard! Thank you for sharing. I just did it for one of my apps and it works amazing!

Pleasure @SuiteUpstairs

Tadabase is a really cool tool and being able to make a data-driven mobile app that can harness the distribution opportunities of the major app stores in a low code way from my persepctive is a real find and has great potential for public facing revenue driving apps.

One thing I’ve not quite mastered with this approach yet is the “export” option working properly (i’ve got the file export working but it loses the CSV extension) so if anyone susses that out would be good to hear about it!

Also be cool to find a way to tie together the reoccurring subscription options of the app stores and the Tadabase user active/role options (can Pipes do this…Ive not investigated that new function yet?).