Annoying Chat Window Location!

The chat window´s location is really inconvenient as it covers the navigation on the builder, if it was located on the right hand side of the page this would save time and a lot of repetitive clicks…it really is a pain to have to close the chat (in the middle of a support conversation) to make suggested changes and then open the chat again…and spend several more seconds scrolling down all the previous message history to get back to where we left off.

Or atleast have a “minimise” button.

Anyone agree???


Ashley Williams

This is a good suggestion, I find it a bit of an awkward placement as well

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We used to have it on the right-hand side, but that covered the save buttons across nearly every interactions. That’s why we moved it to the left. We use Freshchat and I have to look to see if they have additional customization options like minimizing.

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Just the ability to minimise the conversation would be effective…without having to close it to work and speak at the same time…

right hand side upper corner would work if the options are limited with freshchat

All i´m saying is that with the current position it´s physically impossible to follow advice without having to take screenshots of the conversation to implement changes…in my case