Any tips on uploading Images via Form consistently?

I have built a public facing page for a client (a veranda configurator/Estimator)

The user is sent a link and they configure their required size etc on a multi part form.

The user is also requested to upload a few images of the intended location (site/lot)

This has proven very buggy …in that many forms are being submitted with out the images attached. It seems to take too long for the image to upload and users not clear if/when the images are ready. It even has failed multiple times for myself in testing.
I uses Dropbox for my image storage.

I have tried various settings on the Attachment component

Could any body explain how this settings impact the image upload process
e.g. If I set max file size to 1Mb does that reduce the size of the image the user is uploading before, during or after upload ? Or does it reject images larger than 1Mb ?
Does this setting help make the upload faster (my setting max relatively smaller) ?

What about resize width, Height or Quality ?

Is this a better option to use to reduce file size and speed up upload so as to get more consistently better uploads ?

Anybody experimented with this or anyone from support have advise


We use image upload feature to add receipts to purchase orders. We use Chromebooks, and we find that we need to clear the cache frequently, otherwise the upload process simply never closes (and does not upload). When it works, the upload usually completes in a few seconds. When it does not work, we need to exit the app, clear the cache, reboot, and then upload. After that, it works 100% of the time.

Wow ! My form is public facing so not likely to be able to inform users of this.
Typically form will only be used once so might avoid cache errors

tks for your feedback

@Henry Are you using the Attachments, File or Image field for this?

@arthurbuy Is the primary issue that the field is required but users are submitting forms and the images are empty? If an image was uploaded it gets assigned to the Record and you can see the uploaded files in the logs.

We haven’t heard any other reports of this and I want to be confident that you know for certain the users are actually uploading the images. Please take a look at the file upload logs and see if you see those files uploaded but simply not attaching to the record.

If you ever manage to replicate this issue or have a way for us to test, I’ll make sure it gets resolved asap.

@moe We are using the Image field.

Hi Moe,

I am using attachments field. When I attempt to upload images from iphone, I select images from library and attempt to upload. The images appear as if they are uploading but the upload just continues indefinitely and eventually I have to cancel. This almost all fails but works an odd time.

I suspect that @henry is correct. When I tried it on the chrome browser on iphone or when I get another user to test on their iphone it mainly works.

Also when I clear cache on iPhone Safari it works fine

As most of my users will only use this form once it may be ok


@arthurbuy we nostly test on chrome but will run some tests and see what we find.

@Henry, we no longer support the Image field and highly recommend not using it. Its been a huge source of tons of strange issues which is why its been removed and replaced with the attachments field.

Safari browser typically used by most iPhone, iPad users I’d say.
I’ll leave it with you
thanks for follow up
Noel D

@moe Can I convert the Image field into another type? We have thousands of records in our purchase order table.