Any way to search between dates?

As the title says really - I need a way for the user to define a date period (from date X to date Y), and the results returned to be after the earlier date but before the later date.

None of the operators currently facilitate this - is there any ‘clever’ way of achieving this, or anything on the horizon that will?


I think the only way to search/filter that data set is to use table/list filters.

Hey @richUK! The “Enable Filter” option inside table components makes this possible.


Thanks all. I found another way (since I want to restrict users to just this type of search to keep it simple).

  1. Created 2 new date type fields (“date from” and “date to”) and set these to auto-populate with the user defined date/time field value using table rules.

  2. In Search component setup a predefined search of “After…” using the “Date From” field.

  3. In same Search component setup a pre-defined search of “Before…” using “Date To” field.

Voila. Search now works between dates. Only preference for improvement would be an option to return values including the date set (as opposed to only after) which would feel a bit more logical to a user and needs training around.

E.g. to find the records for March you have to search for 28th Feb to 1st Apr, as opposed to 1st Mar to 30th Mar.

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