Anybody know how to disable the "close popup (modal)" when you click outside the popup?

Hello Everyone!

I have a popup form that allows a lengthy response to be typed into it and I want to disable the close function when you click outside the popup. Some of my clients have filled out these forms and accidentally clicked outside the popup or even tried to select some text and accidentally let go of the mouse button outside the popup and it just closes.

There is a way to disable this in bootstrap but I haven’t been able to get it to work inside Tadabase

Here is the bootstrap solution

data-keyboard="false" data-backdrop="static"

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. My only other option is it not use the popup but that is not convenient

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I think you’re right and perhaps we’ll disable this by default. It’s certainly come up as a frustration point in the past.


This has been resolved in our staging servers and will be rolled out to prod after we get the green light from QA.


Thank you Moe! This will make a lot of people happy. Hopefully, it doesn’t make anybody mad :grimacing: