Anyway to generate powerpoint presentations

I have a unique requirement where I need to generate a powerpoint presentation from values saved within my table. Any tips on how I can accomplish this?

I know this is not possible directly as a feature but maybe its an option with JS, API?


Hi Muhammad,

Tadabase doesn’t have have a native way of integrating with Power Point but I can suggest another solution which might fit your needs utilizing Google Slides and Zapier.

  1. Create a Google Slides presentation
  2. Inside the slide, add placeholder text like {{Company Name}}
  3. Using Zapier, create a zap to create a new presentation
  4. Zapier will search the entire document for any placeholder text and allow you to replace it with values from your Tadabase app.

I hope this helps.

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I have previously had success doing it this way. My only issue is that when a field is blank in Tadabase, nothing maps across to the {{fieldname}} in the google slide. Therefore, all the other fields fill in nicely but any optional fields that were left blank show up in the generated google slide as {{fieldname}}.
Any sneaky suggestions to get around this?

I can see how this can be an issue.

Perhaps you can use filters on Zapier’s side:

Could Zapier be used with Tadabase to generate formatted Google Sheets documents or Google Docs (word processing) documents?

Integromat works really well with filling tags, {{field_name}}, in google docs.