API POSt multi-records

I’d like to insert multiple records in 1 API call, is there a way to accomplish that?
Also, is there any document on how to call GET API with query param to filter on column values?

@hussein - the API only accepts a single record to POST at a time. I don’t see this ever being different, our API likey can never accept multiple POST’s in a single call.

As far as filtering response data you can check here:

It’s a bit tricky, but Ill try and break it down a bit.

Start off with the base URL:

Then add the ? so we can add URL Parameters:

Now we can pass an array of all the fields, filters and values.

So Suppose we want to filter by field_33 where the value is “Yes” our filter would look like this:

Each additional filter needs to have an index number added to it:
&filters[items][1][operator]=is after

FInall at the end choose if the condition should be AND vs. OR

The final URL in this case would look like this:

https://api.tadabase.io/api/v1/data-tables/{{tableId}}/records?filters[items][0][field_id]=field_33&filters[items][0][operator]=is&filters[items][0][val]=Yes&filters[items][1][field_id]=field_35&filters[items][1][operator]=is after&filters[items][1][val]=2019-07-24&filters[condition]=AND
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Perfect, that’s easy. Thanks

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