App Embeds - Looking for beta testers!

Hello everyone!

We have recently created app embeds and are looking for beta testers, more on that at the end.

App Embeds allow users to generate a script that can be used outside of your Tadabase application to display components from your application. An example of this could be displaying records on a public facing company website, like current inventory, public roadmap, or real estate listings.

The current feature set of App Embeds is limited to displaying tables only. Conditions based on logged-in user status will not work.

While app embeds are still at an early phase of development, there will be updates made in the future that allow App Embeds to display:

  • Lists, Kanban, Accordion and Timeline.
  • Forms
  • Calendar and Resource
  • Secured components requiring logins
  • Whole apps

If you would like to see an example of a table embedded into an external site, click the link below.

For anyone interested in beta testing App Embeds, please contact

The Tadabase Team

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Cool, I’ll be a beta tester! I’ll send an email.

Looking to do this for one of our pages too. Interested in embedding one of our tables with a form submission if possible.

We are rebuilt this from the ground up and will be re-released in the coming days with the updated builder. Thanks @SuiteUpstairs for your feedback, we’ve fixed and implemented all your changes plus many more.