Apply Search Component to Maps

It would be great to have the Search Component apply to maps.


Certainly will be added too.

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As well as:

  • operation of the link buttons
  • operation of various rules
  • visibility of fields linked from other tables
  • addition of “where am I” icon
  • writable fields in pop-ups and maps lists

Is there any update on this? That would be great indeed!

Hi Moe - any update on this please? We’re heading toward 2 years since you said it would certainly would be added. It’s something we REALLY need :slight_smile: Cheers, Garth


I’m actually getting tired too.

I don’t think it’s a bad request, to have in the maps:
• real and not fake buttons (required 30 months ago)
• searches
• see pictures
• working side panel (now does not load fields)
• view related tables / fields

Before, I could see pictures and side panel, now I don’t even have those.
Is it possible to have a timing?
Thank you

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Is this on the roadmap for development in the near future?

Hi @moe - please: any update on this?? Soon it will be 3 years since you indicated this would be added. It’s important for us and I am quite sure other users… Best, Garth