Approval Workflow

Hi I’m new here but I have been trying tadabase more than a month.

Well, I am looking for implementing approval workflow in an app where when a user submits a request the request goes to the first approver.
Once approved then it goes to the 2nd approver. After the final approver, the status of the request changes to “Approved”.

I am trying to implement the logic of MS SQL Server that I worked on previously but i get lost in the middle while applying it on tadabase. eg. having a request table, request types table, routing table, workflow table.

Thank you for your help.

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Hi @karan, happy to have you here!

Are the approvers always the same people? If so, I can help you set that up pretty quickly. If the approvers are different every time, or different based on certain conditions, it would require a bit more logic but definitely still possible.

Hi Tim, Thanks a lot.

Approvers will be the same for a particular request. E.g Purchase Request will have different approvers, Purchase Order will have different approvers, Product price modification request will have different approvers. Incase the approver leaves the company his email/username will be replaced with another employee.

I hope you got my point.

Makes sense :+1:

Here’s a short video describing one of the methods you could use to accomplish this.

Hi Tim. I am really thankful to you for your time and efforts about this. This would definitely help me in achieving what I am trying to. I’ll try this out and let you know.

Thank You once again.

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Hi Tim
This is what I am trying to achieve same as mentioned below.

User submits a request.

Then he is directly taken into the details of the request where he adds items in his purchase request as seen below.

At the bottom of the page goes the approval workflow. What will be added in the later stage is that only the specific logged in user with specific role will be able to approve the request pending at his side.

Please let me know if this would work fine in tadabase or if in case there is a different way to get this done that perhaps be a better way please do let me know. I hope you got my idea now.

Thank you. Much appreciated.