Are connections two-way in their effect?

Are connections effective or operative two-way?

For example, say I have tables named Projects and Tasks. If I connect Tasks to Projects, I can assign each task record to a single project (and I can assign multiple tasks to the same project). But, without doing more, can I switch over to the Projects table and, say, get a count of connected task records? Or do I have to define the connection again from the perspective of Projects?

We manage the relationship and can therefore do what you’re asking without having to create a new relationship (which we recommend you not do) from the parent to the child.

We recommend all relationships go from child to parent as in, what belongs to what. For example, each task belongs to a Project, therefore, create the connection from the Task to the Projects. When you do it this way and then go into the Projects table you’ll be able to add fields that can summarize “Total Tasks” from within the Projects table.

There are many other benefits of doing it this way:

  1. Inside of forms when adding a task you can dynamically show fields from the Project table inside a form.
  2. Inside a table in your live app you can add any column from the Projects table inside of your Tasks table.

You can see here an example with different tables, but same concept. Choosing the Parent will enable you to dynamically see values from that table:

Taken from here:

It’s a bit of a adjustment coming from traditional databases to this architecture but ultimately nearly anything possible in traditional databases will be possible here - simply requires a bit of a paradigm shift.

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I’m okay with learning how Tadabase does it, even if it does mean a paradigm shift. It’s a little awkward for an old dog like me who’s been doing tricks one way for many years to have to learn a different way – but as long as I can do the tricks, my clients will continue to give me treats.

Combo of dog and Halloween humor there. :slight_smile:

Thanks again!