Attempting to eval the platform

The rules for the data builder are restricted.
Is that supposed to be that way?
Do I need to buy a license to remove restriction?


Table rules are available on pro plans and above

Ok thanks for the reply…

No problem. Tadabase offers a TON of features and they are updating and iterating quickly. Any other questions, please ask! Lots of knowledgeable people here. Have you read through the documentation yet? If not, check it out here -


Do I need to buy a license to remove restriction?

Basic answer: Yes.

But I felt I was able to evaluate the platform pretty well without buying a license. The rules feature you’re not able to access without a license is basically a way of auto-entering values in records. I use it to populate Created By and Created Date fields. Looks like this:

The other, more powerful use of rules is to trigger “pipes”. But pipes are a kind of add-on to the basic platform.


Warning: Unsolicited opinions coming…

I’ve also been evaluating Tadabase. I finally did buy a license – not to get rules, but because I have concluded that Tadabase may be the answer to my prayers. I’ve evaluated a lot of the competition: Airable (with or without UI help from Stacker), Bubble, App Sheets, Caspio, Knack, Coda, SmartSheets and others. Airtable’s not bad as a database app but lousy as an app builder and weak on security. Bubble’s great at building websites but weak as a database. Caspio similar to Tadabase in some ways – good at both data and building UIs – but Caspio’s apparently aimed at enterprises because its licensing is very expensive. I could go on.

Bottom line: For me, anyway, Tadabase right now appears to be a really good platform for building the kinds of apps I’ve been building for years in FileMaker: Excellent data management tools, very good UI building, excellent tools for integrations outside the platform, good security and user management (including roles), and affordable licensing.

Good luck with your eval.