Authenticating Jira in a Pipe

I am trying to add a custom Jira pipe but its requiring Basic Authentication. In the pipe settings, it says basic authentication is coming soon. Does this mean it’s not yet possible to use an integration that requires any type of authentication?

When requiring basic authentication it’s really passing a specific value in the header. We will soon automate this but for now, you can do it with the following.

  1. Get the API key from your Jira account.
  2. Go to and encode the following:
    email address : Jira API key. (don’t forget the : between the email and key.

For example:

Get the BASE64 value and add it to the following header:

Key: Authentication
Value: Basic {your-Base64-value here}

(make sure there is a space between Basic and the key.

For example:

This can be applied to any API that requires basic authentication.

Let me know if we can assist further.

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Thank You for quick reply. This worked perfectly.

My pleasure re the referral. I am Tada’s biggest fan!