AUTO collect data connected to record


I am new here and I want to know if there is a way I can copy all the record connected to a record from a table. For example, when I select the record in the branches and upon clicking the save. it will automatically create a new data in another table copying all the data that is connected to the branches i select.

I think you’re trying to achieve exactly what Tim created in the latest Build it With Tim video.

Check this out and let me know if this is what you have in mind:

Hi @moe ,

I’ve seen this video and it helps me. However, this is only applicable if the format is the same. If I change the format. For example, what I set to duplicate is a question that the answer is multiple choice. It can duplicate. If I change it to text answer, the process will fail.

This is my case. I have 2 option in the app that I am building. 1 is to create a set of questions from my own, and 2 is to create question using a ready made questions.Number 1, i have idea. but the number 2. I do not have idea. I try to build a database thinking that if I select a record with sub-record on it. I will able to get those sub-record and put it in another table and add new rows. I can copy all the record connected to that single record.

I hope you can help me. This gives a me really hard time.

What you’re looking for is something that can certainly done with Make, but I’m not an expert at that. I’ll wait for Tim to chime in.

We have another option of using the Tadabase Record Utilities pipe which I do believe will work in this case, but it’s slightly complex and not officially supported by the support team.

You need to map these values correctly and then trigger the pipe from an action link or a form. I can try and make you a video to explain it better.

Glad you liked the video!

When you say “change the format”, are you referring to changing the field type from multi select to single select, or text?

The only issue I can see here is that multi-selects store options in an array, while single select and text are strings. However, you should be able to map any response in Make without issue.

If you’re looking to build additional logic into Make, take a look at their filtering and routing capabilities.

Thank you @moe I will look in to it and get back to you.

Hi @tim.young I will check this and get back to you. Thank you so much. I appreciate your video.

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