Auto refresh all data fields on page after submit

It would be GREAT if the data on the page could be automatically refreshed after the form is submitted.

For example, I have to calculate the project end date based on project start + duration (entered by the end user) and update the project end date with the new date.
All these happens in the data builder using rules and equations and etc and it works fine

However, after the form is submitted the project end date continues to appear blank until the end user refreshes the entire browser.

As you can see below, the project end date was 1/7/31 because duration was 10 years, after the duration was updated to 15 years, I expected the data to be refreshed and present the correct date 1/7/2036 instead

This is only correct because I refreshed the browser.

At the moment this is definitely a problem for me, as it may cause incorrect data update if the user clicks the submit button multiple times after making the necessary changes but without refreshing the browser between each update.

Hope this makes sense and that it can be achieved sometime in the near future.