Automated/Scheduled Imports

What do you think about automating or scheduling imports from CSV’s stored in Dropbox?

I have data from a weather station that updates every 60 mins to a new CSV in a Dropbox folder. Currently I’m using Integromat to automate the data transfer to Tadabase. A native ability to schedule imports would be excellent.


We’ll leave this here and see what kind of feedback this gets from the community. We don’t allow Tasks to be run hourly except under the Enterprise plans, but point taken.

I would also vote this up… more ferquent updates would help me too. But actually CSV import (even hourly) is not what I really want. I would rather be able to use live updates via Zapier. The only advantage of CSV (for me) is that it seems to be the only way to update connection/join fields without manual selection. I would much prefer that the Zapier feed could update join fields as easily as it can update others.