Automation rules issue

@moe @Chem
Hi everybody, I was confirmed by Tadabase that they had a server incident on 7th Jan 2023 that caused serious problems with the automation tasks, losing some configuration after restoring. I was affected somehow, since some scheduled tasks work randomly, some created and enabled before the 07th, work, others are “frozen” and don’t trigger anymore; other that were created on days 6th and 7th don’t trigger; and a very few created and enabled after 8th also don’t trigger. I had to create and enable the same task during the days 13rd, 14th, 15th, & 16th, to get that the last one triggered, deleting the other 3.
That is very serious, forces me to review ALL my apps and tasks to check which is frozen since a week and to create them again.
Tadabase people, are you aware of that and considering some correction?

Ugh. Thank you for mentioning this. I looked and many of my critical processes stopped on the 7th.

I can imagine the frustration this causes when tasks don’t run as expected.

We have moved this to the top of our priority list and are working on several items to give you more visibility into all things tasks related.

Here’s what’s coming:

  • More logging
  • Dashboard page to see all tasks across all your apps and their status
  • A bit later, we’ll be adding ability to trigger a task via the API
  • Task Digest - opt in to receive an email that will summarize all tasks that ran during the previous 24 hours and all tasks scheduled to run during the next 24 hours.

We’re also changing how we process tasks and adding alerts if a task is showing errors on our side.

I would love to hear what else you want to see in tasks.


Hi friend
I was aware of this issue too late. It’s so frustrating not about this error, there wasn’t any alarm or notice for this one.