Average number of records per month

This is a bit out of my pay grade…

I have a report that shows all the orders by a user. I’d like to show the average number of orders per month since the first order in an HTML component.

I have a user table connected to orders. Each order has a date.

I can use a formula to count the number of records, but unsure as to how to get the average per month. Any ideas?

Shooting from hip here but can you create a new datatable with a date field and a number field, then run a daily task where you insert a new record to that data table with the current count and current date?

You could then graph that datatable. You could create another field with an equation to get the month from the date field and use that for table grouping or card components (I think).

Edit: actually creating a new datatable may be unnecessary since you already have a date field in the orders table.