Barcode Generator and Printable Tag Labels

Hey guys,

I’ve already suggest through support, but its worth it writting it here.

As my company produces t-shirts and apparel, would be great for us to have a feature to generate and barcodes and printable labels for records.

I was able to add a custom Code-39 font in the HTML component for Page Builder, using the tutorial found on Docs, but didn’t work in the PDF file. (aware its on alpha feature, but worth commenting).

Hoping that more people would also like this feature.

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@andre_mtrop we actually have a BarCode/QR Pipe coming out in the next few days. Essentially you can generate a bar code when the record is created or when the record is loaded. Perhaps if the Barcode is saved in the record this might work a bit better in PDF. I’ll report back here when that Pipe is published.


Great to hear that Moe!
Looking forward to give it a try.


Same here @moe … looking forward to the great updates.


Sorry its taking a bit longer than I thought. I hope to have this over soon.

Are you also looking for barcode scanning capability?

Hi @moe-

Yes scanning ability would be great. One application I’ve been designing is to track property from time of intake to disposal… a barcode/QR code would allow a piece to be tagged and scanned periodically to make notations in the database system until it is disposed of.

All the best my friend.

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Hi Moe,

Would be great to have barcode scanning!

Take your time. Tks for the attention.


Just to preface this. Barcode scanning can get a bit tricky but we’ll try and make it work. Down the road we hope to add this as a native feature of Tadabase. We’re working with several vendors and hope to partner with someone like Scandit to make this more seamless.

Until that’s done, here an app you can use to test barcode scanning.

There’s 2 pages here, one that will auto submit forms, the second will just place the scanned barcode into the form field.

  1. Sign up for Scandit account and get the access token.

  2. Create a new Key and whitelist your domain you’ll be using this on.

  3. Copy this app by clicking on this link: Link.

  4. Paste your license key into the custom footer code

We will create better docs to explain this a bit later.


We’ve finally added the Barcode and QR code Generator.

Please see this article on some more details:

You can install it by clicking “Install Pipe” in the Builder.

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Amazing! Tks, Moe. Will give it a try.

Looks great @moe. Would very much appreciate an example of an API call or setup to work from for us amateurs :wink:


Hey Moe,

Barcode pipe worked fine! Really amazing!

I was able to configure a HMTL component and its showing fine on PDFs.

Unfortunately I got stuck in one final step, which is breaking each code on a different page on the PDF file, so would be able to print using an Argox Printer.

Please, see image below, this is an expedition pdf for 5 itens, but all of them in a single page. Maybe someone could help with a CSS or Javascript custom code for breaking this repeated elements on different pages.


One workaround I’m creating: setting up a unique PDF print file for each record, but sometimes we are shipping 10+ products per expedition per day, so this process will probably become a tiring repetitive work in the long term.

Best regards,

Hi Adam,

I was able to configure it and I found easy to do (I’m not a dev).

First I installed the pipe:

Then, I created a Rule on my Data Builder, for the specific table I wanted the Barcode.
PS: Before create the rule, I added a HTML Field, so the barcode can show up.

And the rule that I configured was that:

Hope that works for you!


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Quick update here: I tried to change the Paper Size on PDF Settings for a smaller one (C8 or others), but did take no effect on the pdf file. Keep generating a A4 paper size.

@andre_mtrop, the PDFs are still in Alpha and are “glitchy” with some of the options. Moe and Team are working on them and have noted they should have a significant update by the end of the quarter.

Additionally, I have installed the QR Code Generator and Moe mentioned it will be more refined over time. While not useable for me at this time it was a fantastic update in short order by the Tada team.

Tada Team, job well done!


Hi Adam,

Sure, I understand it all. Tadabase is improving each time and, from my side, I would like to contribute with constructive feedbacks and suggestions.

I was able to implement barcode pipe yesterday and it will definetely be good for my operation!

Hope to keep growing with them!


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