Better Support, deployment, and stability needed

It’s not uncommon for companies to have issues with products and I am sure my lack of experience doesn’t help at times, but as I have mentioned directly in the support chats over the last year or better there needs to be a better solution for support.

It is not uncommon (we just quit asking as well as attempting to develope in tadabase because of the inability to get rapid assistance so our feedback and support requests have went way down) for tadabase to experience issues with crashes, slow loading, and gateway issues especially after updates.

If ur on the east coast, ur team (customers, clients) start experiencing the issue several hours before the West Coast wakes up.

Anyone else experience the same frustrations? We enjoy the platform but better deployment, stability, and reliability are needed.


Hi @wescar, we’re in the same situation since Monday.
We are asking for support every hour since. We spent hours with them chatting but the keep saying the problem is on our side.
We had to close our application for our customers, we are reconsidering using Tadabase.

I agree! Perhaps we tend to have more issues as we navigate our growing platform. It’s unfortunate that we have such issues, and we take these issues very seriously.

We are constantly optimizing and tweaking the platform to ensure better and more consistent reliability. I’d love to say that we can start offering support at 8 AM EST, but our staff is located in LA and that’s the primary timezone we work on. As you can imagine support is time consuming and expensive and we have to juggle keeping our prices affordable and growing the support team. We do have plans that have better SLA and support commitments, but the standard plans start at the PST timezone. In the coming weeks, we will have a significant pricing overhaul which we hope will help us address this too.

Deployment is a big one and it’s something we are also constantly optimizing. The issues experienced today for many users were not related to the deployment, it was simply a noisy neighbor problem. Now, especially as we are SOC2 compliant, we’ve drastically revamped how we deploy. As you may have noticed our updates have been slower than usual, but that’s not because we haven’t been building. We now are very selective in how who, and when we enable new features. Each new feature/update is going through 10X more testing prior to be deployed.

If there are specific issues you’re experiencing or unresolved tickets from a recent deployment I’d be delighted to take a look at them right away.

Back in the same seat this morning. I will respond via email in a more detailed fashion, but here is a summary of what you are saying (customer perspective):
For a $3k annual fee we are going to lump you in with other companies who may or may not consume more resources than you do and you will pay dearly in performance when we are unable to balance the server loads exceeded the compacity for the group you are with.
Let me encourage you to continue to use this platform, invest more time and energy developing by trusting us with more capital as we will deploy it in a manner that is consistent with everyone benefiting from your investment. BTW, if you do not have the capital, there is no solution for you here.
I am a fan Moe, have always been, but this approach to allowing me to pay so others can consume the resources I am paying for is not a viable endrun for Tadabase.
More in the email as I am really not down on Tadabase as a whole, just think this approach is off mark along with the changes suggested above.


I’ve been mindlessly browsing through the community hoping to stumble on something, anything, to help me, and I ironically ended up on this post.

I, too, have been wishing for ‘better support’ - I’m sitting in Johannesburg (GMT+2) so my time zone challenge is bigger than a US-coast challenge. But I knew this was the case going into Tadabase, so it’s more about my state of mind/frustration than the level/nature of support offered by the Tadabase team.

Recently Chem very kindly helped me with some pipe and JS stuff, to make some pages work in a way that would suit one of our use cases perfectly.

But I’ve been struggling - the pages sometimes work and sometimes they don’t. I even reached out to Chem and he sent a ‘version 2’ of his JS code to try and help with the issues.

This week, I’ve spent a few days going through everything in the builder, time and time again, scouring for errors, trying to figure out the cause of our problems*.

Ultimately I think it could be due to the latency from South Africa to the tadabase servers (causing the chained JS and pipes to fail eratically)…

… but reading between the lines, have there perhaps also been some Tadabase-related issues in the last few days/week that may have been causing my problems too? (I’ve checked the status page page and seen nothing there, and have thus been triple-checking everything on my side and not reaching out to support and potentially wasting their time.)

*My findings are in-conclusive, and my experience on this end has been very erratic (with a local ISP connectivity issue exacerbating things) but I’ve seen what appears to be pipes not firing 100% of the time, pages varying in load time (sometimes with us having to refresh to get past a ‘hung’ page loading symbol), JS code not executing as expected and perhaps form/record rules not firing 100% of the time.

If there have been problems on the Tadabase-platform side, that would be a great relief (in a weird way).