Blacklist of phone numbers/ Email address

Hello all,

we are creating a job portal app, and we want to blacklist some email scammers for different employer user, so that the record can be quarantined. However, the problem is that the list of blacklist is different for different employer user

anyone can offer us a help :pray::pray::pray:

Hi @tenny-

Are all the employer users for the various employers going to be using the same application? If so, is there a specific need to require an individual blacklist for each employer rather than an application-wide blacklist?

An application-wide blacklist is much easier to work with in both coding/design as well as maintenance.


Hi Adam,

Many thanks for your suggestion :slight_smile:
and yes, I will we should get start from application-wide blacklist.
How to make that work ? :face_with_monocle:

@tenny, not knowing how your application is set up or what automation you want, you could just add a “role” in the Users table for “spam” and manually set accounts that are spam to that. Then on your security settings for each layout exclude that user role from having access to anything.

This would require a manual selection for each spam account. Conversely you can also just delete the account.

Hi @tenny,

At what point do these users become spam users? Are you trying to prevent them from creating an account? Or are you trying to prevent access to different parts of the app after they become users?

Hi Tim, thanks for helping. The applicants are not user, only their personal info will be shown in tadabase after they input their contact info at another app. We will just need a centralized list to store the black list info on employer basis (different employer hv diff blacklist), and once the blacklisted person applied (=his contact comes into the system), his record can be recognized by a marker or move to a tab in the table…

Hi @tenny-

From the sounds of it, you could just place a simple column in the table that holds the contact info and have a select field of yes/no. The column could be titled blacklist and under the display properties have it show icons instead of text values. For example, if “yes” is chosen have it show a “check mark” icon and you could even do some conditional formatting for color, etc.