Build a data table for documents

I am struggling with how to build a documents data table that connects to an events data table. Idk why I can’t wrap my head around it. I want to do 2 things - 1) Upload documents specific to the event (maps, permits, contracts, etc) and 2) link generic documents to the event record (yearly licenses, liability insurance, etc)

So right now I’m testing a single documents data table that connects to my events data table, which is fine for uploading the event specific documents, but not for the generic documents.

To complicate things a bit more… my event documents are currently stored in OneDrive - with a folder path of ‘Shared/2020/mm-dd Event Name’ - just wanted to make note of how we’re currently storing documents. I’d love to be able to link that folder to a event record but I don’t think it’s possible.

And to further complicate things…I’m using Integromat to generate documents based on event record fields and saving a download link directly to a field in the event record. If I use the above method (Documents Table linked to Event Table) - I’ll be creating a record everytime a document is regenerated so I’ll wind up with multiple iterations of the same document linked to an Event record.

Replying to myself here but I think I’ve come up with a decent soluton.

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Mate I need to know how you got that sexy side menu navigation… do you have any screen grabs? Was it done in HTML / CSS - or did you use the builder?

I couldnt get the side bar functionality working natively.

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I second the nav! Also, how did you do the “record alert” (red #3) in the nav?

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AWESOME design, Tim!!!

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