Builder UI Updates

We have big plans for the UI of our Builder and we’re very excited to roll these updates out. To begin, we’ve started with some small UI redesigns to set the stage for future updates. Here’s what we’re sharing today…

Updated Pipes Page

Updated App Catalog page

Updated Template App Catalog page

App Folders

Help Drawer

The Help Drawer has received a complete overhaul. After clicking the Help button, you’ll find the content you’re familiar with (plus a few extras), in a brand new format.

Data and Page Builder Info Drawer

There is now a slide-out Info Drawer for both the Data Builder and the Page Builder. This Info Drawer contains information about each Data Table or Page to help you get an overview of your data and pages.

Stay tuned for more UI updates over the next few months!


Love the app folders and info drawers! Super useful.


Great work! :clap:

Very useful features in this update!

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