Building a link

I have the following problem repeated in several Tables, I hope I am wrong and that there is a shorter solution.

I need to build links consisting of multiple fields to:
GoogleMaps, a link that directly opens Streetview, or that opens the path to the address

DropBox: opens a folder
Tadabase: from maps (which does not support links) opens a detail of the records

The solution I now use is:

  • equation field that calculates the link
  • then a rule in the table copy / paste in a link field
  • since it is probable that that record is not modified, a Task once a day updates a field

obvious that if in all this I have to identify the link ID of a record,

the steps are lengthened and the user would not see the link until the activation of the Task

Question: Is there a more immediate way to create this?

@DanioA I’m trying to understand what specifically your’e looking to do.

Can you add an example of the fields and what the outcome should look like? If we see what you’re working with and what your ultimate goal is I’m sure we can help with a solution. The images you added are giving me enough context as far as the goal.

@moe OK thanks,

I take a map as an example, but I have the same problem in tables too.

To build the links in the map, I have to do:

  1. a calculated field
  2. a rule that updates the fields, which copies the calculated value and pastes it into a link field
  3. create a task, which writes in a field, to start the rules

and in any case I would not have the ilink updated in real time.
The questions are:

  • is there a solution to have the fields updated in real time?
  • is there a better solution?

Hey @DanioA

Can you please check out this link and let me know if this is the same thing you’re trying to do?


What if you used the equation itself as the link?

So what I did here was I added a Text Field called “Record ID” and set a Table Rule to set it to the record value > (Record ID) and then added the following to an Equation.
CONCAT('<a',CHAR(32),'href="https://URL/APP/PAGE/DETAILS-PAGE/',{Record ID},'"',CHAR(32),'class="btn',CHAR(32),'btn-block',CHAR(32),'btn-primary',CHAR(32),'td-data-link">Click',CHAR(32),'here</a>')

This will create a button link on record creation without any further action needed.