Building a School Gradebook

I am building a gradebook for my school. From the gradebook, i need to generate report cards at the end of each semester.
Now i am doing it on Excel, for each assessment, i use a grade sheet. Here is an example of the grade sheet i use (this is for 1 assessment).
Anyone can help me on how to deign this in Tadabase ? Thanx.

First - You will need to create your table that will hold the information. Create a table called GradSheets then create each field of information in the table: class, student name, grade, module, etc…

Second - Create a page that you will access to view and edit the info. You can add your table that you created above to the page along with button called ADD GRADE SHEET that will the the form with the fields you created for your table - the form allows you to add the info. You can then add action links (ie edit, delete, print etc…)

Lastly - You can create a PDF template for the information if it needs to be printed or you can create an action email link that will email the reports.

The above are the basic steps to get started.