Bulk Input Fields in a Form on a Page Layout

Hi together,

i have the following tables:

  • customer
  • employees

An employee is linked to a customer.

Now i show my customer list in a customer table and i can click on show details to go into the drilldown and open the customer details page.

Now i can show my listed employees for this specific customer, which is awesome and what i want.

But the problem comes now:

  • i want to add a form below the employee list, where i can add “multiple employees at once”, with for example the following fields:

  • “Full Name”, “E-Mail”, “Department”
    But i want to have this at least 5 times without submitting every record.

So imagine a form with 5 times the same exact fields with different ids and loop through them or something similiar.

Unfortunatly, i don’t know how to achieve this or if this is possible by any chance?

Looking forward to helpful answers

Thanks in advance and best

You could approach this by creating a new table where the record captures this info in a single record and them some rules or javascript then runs when that record is created and it subsequently creates the individual user fields.

Another approach would be that you have a button that creates 5 blank records and then you allow the user complete the 5 records with inline editing.

Can you explain this in detail?

Good Idea. Sounds complex.

What about having it like this as an javascript form?

Problem is that i can’t submit the form data through the added javascript to the tables.
@Kamya hope this helps for your understanding?

Thanks in advance and looking forward to your feedbacks