Button grouping inside a table

Hi TB, Happy Eastern to all!
I’m just a bit upset when using several buttons for different actions (edit, details, etc.) for each row of the same table (see picture enclosed), this is not nice, extends the table width a lot, and >2 buttons don’t look quite professional.
My suggestion is to have a option like the one you can select in the builder/options of a table component to group the buttons add new, export, delete, etc. (see the picture again), but in this case, you could select what buttons you want grouped to see just one menu with button titles to choose the one you need. So the final idea should be a clickable pop-up button on the right of each row to show and select what button or action you want to do.


I believe this is already being worked on by the Tada team.


Tks, it seems the due dates for all the cards are overdue…