Button javascript expert assitance

hi, I’m looking for an expert, to help me create script code to link to a button.
in a personal data table, I would like to insert a button in the horizontal menu.
look for birthdays.
so the script in java should in my opinion (I don’t know how to write the code) ask me to select a month of the year from 1 to 12 from a small window,
and then made the choice of month, search in the column dates of birth, filter all the dates with that month and re-order by day from the first 01, to the 31 example and show me the list in the table
and darmpi print or save to pdf option

here I am looking for a person who helps me to create this scrip and teaches me to connect it to my button that I create,
I don’t ask for free I can pay.
and then I would have other buttons with other procedures

thank you

Hi Massimo,

No need for custom code here! :smiley:

This can be done with a birthdays date field. Within the back-end data table you can use table filters and take those records that filtered and sort them in order. Within the front-end/live-app You can add a search component to find the same. Hope this helps!

I think you will find that a lot of what you are wanting to do can be done just within the settings we already have within Tadabase, it can just take some time to find it all, as there is so much this database is capable of! That’s what the community is here for, it is one of the most wonderful things about Tadabase, as our community is so knowledgeable and helpful. :smiley:

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thanks megan.

but I no longer have a lot of time, I have already invested years, time and money to study a lot of crm, and pay programs

and lose everything because freelancers are not guaranteed to know how to do a whole crm online, and others do not take the code of others in their hands, etc.

latest discovery was tadabase in january, and for me fantastic.

I have done so many tests,

etcc, and I see it super fast and simple.

I haven’t subscribed yet.

because I have some script code problems to connect to a button of my own creation, for some procedures.

I am looking for a person who knows tadabase, and spends months, days, years, and knows him well,

and he solves some particular code problems for me.

I wrote an example of the date of birth,

but I would need a button, in my table menu, that with a click, I can see this month who is having a birthday.

now without explaining other buttons to do calculations, sums, etc. when I enter the data of an insurance contract.

we’re on the birthday date button,

you can make me a procedure script and i paste it to the button (named filra compelanni) for example. ?

or a short video of your desktop that you make,

this button, and memorize the procedure to filter the month and sort by day?

and send me the video?

and I’ll send you the money, or sooner?

for me this would already be, a lot,

to understand how

connect a function to a button in the menu, either from java script code that I don’t know how to create, or following your instructions that you are more experienced.

when I have solved this button and with click I see the chosen month who is birthday, and I can save, in pdf or print

I would like to create a button that takes the records that I select from the c and c box column, of a table,

and copies them to another identical table of structure fields.

so I avoid entering all the info of a contract twice

  • I’ll explain I have a contract table in the diary

these contracts, I select only a few, because I renew them, changing price,

insurance company name, and dates, but many other info, are identical, and therefore the button (named transfer policies) searches in the c and c box column for the selected row of some contracts, copies it all the fields, and opens the 2nd table, creates a new line, and paste all the fields, and content.

return to the first table,

and delete my check in the cel box field, and add the renewal date to the field, ok renewed.

you imagine that on your table you have a pack of contracts to study, and make estimates,

some are archived because lost, I do not conclude with the customer, while others the customer confirms me, the renewal,

so I have to put them on another folder on the table new renewed contracts.

but in reality all the info are inside two identical tables, one contracts to be studied, the other renewed contracts.

and I would like a button that moves them, the ones I select,

this is problem # 2, very important to me. do you have ideas?

should i create a script in java and link to the button?

or do you think I can do without code and follow your instructions or video?

Thank you very much

megan, I would like to put some buttons in the menu, and inside the button ce memorized the procedure search, filter, calculations, transfer, etc.
this web app, online I have to use it to perosne,
who do not have to learn anything !!!
just read the buttons in the menu, and click, and find the answers.
I just have to teach this to collaborators

I understand the things he tells me and I can study, and pay whoever helps me, to save the procedures and code (if needed) inside a button,
to present my web app, to collaborators, who work on it quickly with clicks on the buttons, and that’s it, no more.

I hope I was clear.
Thank you very much
when you can write me how you can help me, or if you know someone in freelance tadabase, who teaches me or solves some buttons.