Calendar component or drop down : how to import/ edit dates and times?

Hi all,

I am figuring out what the best way is to create a booking calender for clients. The issue what I am having is to how to create the time slots which the client can book.
I’ve watched the video BWT for the booking calendar, but this works with the date/time field (in one field). The drawback is that I cannot import a pre defined excel sheet with available dates and times, since import requires the dates and times to be separated. (I will upload a complete timeslot availability for the next 365 days, and let the table filter only on the next 30 days or so). Timeslots are slots of 1 hour, available every workday between 10 AM and 4 PM.
Also in this video, the setup is that the user selects a date and time based on a dropdown.

The alternative is to have a table of just dates, and then create another table with times, and insert a column with a connection field to the dates column (of the other table). This works great, but I also cannot import any column field which contains a connection field. So I have to manually create/ update the connection field. Also, here user will select a date and time based on a dropdown.

The calendar component is also not suitable, since it will enable the visitor to scroll further than 30 days. Also, I cannot let the user /visitor show all the available timeslots by default, e.g. a calender like component with available (e.g. green) and unavailable (e.g. red) timeslots. It just shows all or none…

So, the alternatively is use an iFrame something like Calendly, but then I don’t have the option to require a login/ password (since that’s a component which you can’t edit), and also with Calendly you get annoying cookie messages, even when hiding that in the custom code.

Does anyone else have some options which can be used for my use case?

Honestly I think creating a booking calender may be more difficult that its worth. There are lots of calender booking systems and it would be easier to integrate them than create your own.

For example: Handling timezones is a nightmare, and without knowing the relationship between the users timezone and your own, you can’t send a calender notice, to update the users calender, with the right time.

In my app I have integrated Oncehub. I create booking pages that run in Oncehub and then use their API to update right tables in Tadabase so that I know when the bookings are happening.


Well, I agree that there are some limitation to what you can create. But my assumption is that you’ve not integrated any user sign-up in the process with Oncehub ?

Actually our workflow doesn’t include a user sign-up from a oncehub form, but I am sure it could using make (integromat), or directly with a custom pipe - but the 2nd option is beyond my skills.