Can an import trigger a field rule to solve a date format issue?

I need to regularly have users import a CSV file via frontend import.

Two of the date fields are formattted like this - ‘08-02-2021 08:19’ (day month year 24-hour minute).

Importing them directly as date & time fields fails due to the format.

So I have tried this (for each value)…

  1. Importing the date/time in into a ‘temporary’ text field.
  2. Creating a (date) equation field to extract the date - (STR_TO_DATE({Fulfillment Date/Time Text Import},’%d-%m-%Y %H:%i’).
  3. I then have a field rule that triggers on "Create and Update’ to copy this second value into a third and final date field.

It all works great if I edit or update the table manually.
But it doesn’t seem to trigger when I import a CSV file into the table.

Any suggestions on how to make this work?
Or, any suggestions to solve my date-format-import issue in a different way?

Thanks in advance.

@brettlewis this is something we removed from the import in order to speed it up.

We’ll add this back on the next update so table rules will run for each record during import.

This will be live no later than Sunday night.

Many thanks @moe.

This will be great! :slight_smile: