Can I have a table column, dynamically populated with a link to a details page that is attached to a different table?

Morning Tadabasers!

I need to produce reports based on three different layouts: Layout-1, Layout-2, Layout-3.

We have three different top level tables where I can add reports, each linked to its own details page. The details page holds the layout and Data Components which form the report.

I don’t want to have three different details pages linked from a single table, as the number of Layouts will grow and we won’t have enough columns to link to them.

My question is this: how can I have a single Reports table with all reports showing in that one?

It seems I could use a table (or page) rule to duplicate any new rows into this overall Reports table?

But what I really want to do is kind of the opposite - to have a single table where I can add a new report based on either Layout-1, Layout-2, Layout-3.

A dropdown would allow me to select which Layout I want, but then the following would need to happen:

a) a record be created in the ‘other’ table (the one attached to either Layout-1, Layout-2, Layout-3 details page)
b) a link be created allowing access to the record created by a)

a) could be handled by a rule, as before
b) sounds like a rule again but I am not sure about the use of formula fields etc in rules?

I suppose you could say my task is the need to have a table column, dynamically populated with a link to a details page that is attached to a different table but shares common data.

Thanks for any input!


@biota1 would something like this equation field work for you?

IF({Event Type}='Exercise',CONCAT('<a',CHAR(32),'href="aars-sa/exercise-details-sa/',{AAR Record ID},'"',CHAR(32),'class="btn',CHAR(32),'btn-sm',CHAR(32),'btn-info',CHAR(32),'td-data-link"><i',CHAR(32),'class=" fa',CHAR(32),'fa-fal',CHAR(32),'fa-file-alt"></i>',CHAR(32),'Details','</a>'),CONCAT('<a',CHAR(32),'href="aars-sa/incident-details-sa/',{AAR Record ID},'"',CHAR(32),'class="btn',CHAR(32),'btn-sm',CHAR(32),'btn-info',CHAR(32),'td-data-link"><i',CHAR(32),'class=" fa',CHAR(32),'fa-fal',CHAR(32),'fa-file-alt"></i>',CHAR(32),'Details','</a>'))

Obviously you would have to some significant customizations to align with your fields and URL locations but this example will provide a details link that is dynamically changed to a different URL depending on a table filed’s results.



Hi Adam
It certainly looks like it would, thanks.
I think the part I’m struggling with is how do identify the other table.

Actually, you solved this yourself - the dynamic field is the best way to do this and you can mimic the details buttons based on conditions. It’s a bit time consuming but not super complex, Ill explain

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Sounds like a plan, Avromi :+1:

I’m still locked out at present.

Hi Avromi
I’m back on line now, I’d really appreciate seeing what it is you mean at some point