Can I track deleted records

I have a deletion link inside a table of which I press to delete database records.

How do I keep track of deleted records? How can I add restrictions for records being deleted?

(sorry if my english not so good)

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Hi Courtney and welcome to the community.

The best way to go about tracking deleted records is using a webhook. We have a detailed article here on how to set this up. In the example article we’re using Google Sheets, but you can also use a webhook/zapier or to trigger it to update something back in Tadabase as well.

Here’s a link to the article:

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Thanks @moe I needed this also. This worked flawlessly.

Are there plans of being able to soft delete records? I mean to delete but be able to restore within my app?

I got this to work but some fields are not saving right. In the script how do I access the city, state or one part of the address?

Right now I’m doing this but its not working:

var JobAddress = e.parameter['field_497']; //address field type

This comes out blank in my spreadsheet.

Thank you in advance and you guys rock!

@Courtney you can access the single values of object fields (Name, Address) like so:

var JobAddress = e.parameter['field_497[address]']; //address field type
var JobAddressCity = e.parameter['field_497[city]']; //address field type
var JobAddressZip = e.parameter['field_497[zip]']; //address field type


Thanks as always for your quick responses. Will try this now.


This worked.

Thank you again.