Can I use a root domain?

I’m trying to figure out are there any domain DNS hosting companies or other hacks of enabling me to use a root domain with SSL instead of subdomain and a CNAME value?

@brian_hauer currently there might be way to do this with several DNS providers. However, I personally haven’t tested this.

According to this article, the following record types might work:

  • ALIAS at DNSimple
  • ANAME at DNS Made Easy
  • ANAME at easyDNS
  • CNAME (virtual) at CloudFlare

I’d recommend checking out the full article here:

That being said we’ve built a brand new certificate management solution which will work with A records and IP addresses while also being load balanced and redundant. Something that’s often a limitation of using IP address.

We hope to fully roll this out in the next 3 months.

Thank you moe. I will view that article and see if those solutions work. My domains are all on GoDaddy so i would prefer not to switch (mostly because I’m not that proficient in domain and dns management).

If you are looking for beta testers on the root domains I am a great candidate and would provide you with much feedback.

Thank you.

Brian, I send you an email with instructions on how you can test using root domains.
If anyone else is interested in testing, please contact

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