Can Tadabase Do This?

Hello, not a user yet but trying to build what I’m hoping is a simple app - I’m not a developer.

User inputs anywhere from 1-20 ASINs(amazon product identifier).

  1. User presses a button
  2. This kicks off identical processes for each of the ASINs.

Each individual process goes as follows

  1. A new sheet/table (not sure what they’re called in tadabase) is created.
  2. An api is called bringing back anywhere from 0-1,000 associated ASINs. These are different variations of the same product (think size and color of the same shoe)
  3. Each new ASIN, including the original ASIN, are added to their own row in this sheet.
  4. 2-3 different api’s are called to fill in data points relative to each ASIN and fill in the columns. Some columns should be user editable.
  5. Some columns have basic math depending on the values of other columns.
  6. This process is repeated for however many other asin’s the user submitted.

Can tadabase accomplish this?

Hi @galaxy2jake and welcome to the community.

What you’re looking to do is quite beyond the native capability of Pipes and perhaps can be done with some external platforms like Parabola or other such software.

Pipes generally excel at 1-to-1 data updates. In your example, if you were to add 1 ASIN, update this ASIN data and insert a new single associated ASINs. When it comes to inserting multipe it would require a script or 3rd party tool.