Can V2 Files be rendered as pictures in PDF templates?

The majority of my pictures are dropbox links which I’ve set to view as images in my app.

I can’t render these in a PDF because PDF doesn’t support linked images, only embedded ones.

  1. Will I need to upload all my pictures as standard pictures for my print PDF template to work?
  2. Will moving over to v2 Files enable me to render the linked photos as pictures in my PDF template?

Welcome to other suggestions and workarounds.


Hi @Dani,
I had the same problem. Finally I automatized a bot in Google Cloud Platform that print pdf with links photo.

This looks like what I’m trying to achieve!
Is there a specific Google cloud tool you used to do this?

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Hi @Dani, I developed a python script (python-doc library is essensial) that scheduled in Virtual Machine in Google Cloud Platform. I get the data using tadabase api (string data, number data, url photo data, etc) and print pdf report with this data.
I think that this script can deploy in Amazon Web Service too or in another cloud service.