Can we add next button which can change pagination of list

I need to add separate button next in page to see next item of list . We got option from pagination next icon but I need to use separate action button or html button which can take to next items in list .

I have tested with following idea but not working.

Here When I click next , it should take me to next pagination items.

I tried with JavaScript once I click button i was trying to force click the pagination next icon but it is not working .

@Chem…any thoughts?

You can use the following JavaScript code to accomplish this.

HTML Source Code
<button id="nextBtn" class="btn btn-primary">Next...</button>


var htmlComponentId = 'component_4';

TB.render(htmlComponentId, function(data){
        $($('.pagination-next a')[0]).click();

Please remember to change ‘component_4’ to your HTML Component’s ID

HI Chem
I tried above solutions but it is not working .

My java script is

And Page Builder is as follows:

And my front end is as follows:

Html button is as follows:

Hmm. I’ll need to take a closer look… When you have a moment, please open a ticket or email

@Chem did you find a solution for this one? I copied the JS, but nothing happens in my frontend app.

@bas123 -

I may be incorrect but your button ID doesn’t include the “#” symbol in the HTML code and does in the JS code.