Card Component Suffix and Prefix

How do you guys target the prefix and suffix separately?
I can target them as 1 class only using .val but it affects even the number which I wanted to separate the 3 of them, anyone knows how?

It looks like the prefix and the suffix are added to the card content in a single <span>. I don’t think it’s possible to target the prefix and suffix individually because of this.

A workaround that I’ve used in the past is to recreate cards by adding custom app variables and then build a card in an HTML component. You can then add whatever class you’d like to any text or span tag and style classes individually.

See this codepen here for a sample of cards :point_right:

You’re both correct.

We’ll fix this on our next update or you can do what Tim suggests.

@manuelchhjny Here’s an updated codepen

Great @tim.young! I will dissect the element, but how do I get the information from the tadabase records like card component?

You can create custom app variables by visiting settings/app variables

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Thanks @tim.young I’ll look into it.