Centralized data table for different applications

HI community

I plan different kind of HR applications.
They will use the same tables of users, table of departments and so on.

Is there a way to share one table to be used in different applications? Within Tadabase?


Is there a way to do this?

Hi @Peter,

Unfortunately there is no way to do that right now

@tim.young that is too bad, consider this then a feature request!

like @tim.young said, this will never likely be possible since each app is divided into its own database structure and no 2 apps can overlap.

However, we will add more features to pipes which will make this possible with a bit of tweaking.

The ability to share data between apps is a must to maintain a standard code base for your app with shared tables and settings but using separate apps to isolate customer specific data so you dont have tables becoming incredibly massive. This is standard practice in app development I believe to maintain a one codebase instead of 100 different codebases or apps in this case. Is there any way to do this with pipes?

Any update on this feature request?

With pipes one could probably at least keep tables synced among different apps. That would be an acceptable approach for me.

However it would be most useful if one could share/sync the users table too, including passwords. So that users can login into different apps with the same profile/password.