Changing the colors of "Timeline" Component

Hello everyone!

Is it possible to change the colors of the “Timeline Component”?

The standard green/red is not ideal as it makes it seem the colors are a status, such as the red ones have issues and the green do not.

thanks in advance!

Im sure it is and would be happy to help youvdo that with some css.

Would you consider using thr custom component instead?

Thanks for the speedy reply, @moe! I am open to using either one!

@Rez here’s some CSS you can use to change the colors

.timeline-layout-vertical .timeline__block:nth-child(even) .timeline__point {
    background: #9c27b0;

.timeline-layout-vertical .timeline__block:nth-child(odd) .timeline__point {
    background: #009688;

Great to hear from you, @Chem - I’ll try them out, thanks!

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Thanks for the CSS, I’ll add it straigh away :slight_smile:

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