Chat with my company user

Is there a chat widget i can use to chat with my company users?

I create a table for user to report bugs and changes but I want solution with chat. How can i add this?

We don’t have any direct chat integrations, however you can approach this with several other methods.

  1. Add a chat widget similar to how you’ve chatted with the Tadabase support team.
  1. Use Slack to send custom messages to your users:
  1. Create a custom messages data table and use email and record rules to automate the process.

If you are using the application with any protected health information or similar you should have your IS team review Slack before using it. A company I work with completed an indepth security review and found that Slack was particularly vulnerable due to a privacy/security issue. Since then, Slack use has been terminated and removed from all applications/computers.


Sorry for the above deleted message if you can still see it, replied to the wrong person!

You can actually build a data object to hold chat records and display them to the correct user and yourself based on display and record rules.

Brand Global has developed a fully functional secure messaging system. This solution is designed to work within your Tadabase instance and can be fully customized to match your applications branding and colors. We have even included javascript connectors that would allow you to pass specific application data to the i360chat System. This includes logged in user information, such as Display Name, Email, and Role.

We have developed a chat system specifically for Tadabase. Please see our post in the Spotlight.