Checkbox inline editing option - one-click checkbox?

Hi there, I would like to display a boolean field within a Page’s Table with inline editing so that it appears as a checkbox and with a single click can be enabled / disabled, is this possible?

I’ve been able to enable inline editing on the fields but it requires 3 clicks and the need to move the cursor which is a bit of a pain.

Hi @GREDDIE, I agree… that’s too many clicks.

I’m going to investigate this a bit and see if there’s a simple solution here. Off the top of my mind, I’m leaning towards using an action link with conditions. But that might require 2 columns.

I’ll update you again soon

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I do agree with this thing about inline editing in general. I was looking for a “one click” or quick update feature for inline editing, where we can click and edit the values, and it gets saved when we move away from the field. Having 3 clicks per inlined editing is too cumbersome, esp when we have huge number of edits to do.
That kind of 3 clicks editing is only needed in situations where we need to confirm the entry before saving.
In addition, it will be good to immediately refresh the field after editing so that we see the updated value.