Checking Blank Fields with Equation

Im simply trying to calculate blank fields (ie yes/no questions, dates fields not entered, etc…)

The EQUATION Im using is:
If ({Copy of Document?}=’’,‘1’,‘0’) + If ({Document Date}=’’,‘1’,‘0’)

It does not seem to be working - normally checking null field by using “”

Any ideas?

Hey @intelligroup.

I recommend the following equation for checking whether there is a value in a field. What this does is checks whether the length of the given field is greater than 0.

IF(LENGTH({Field Name})>0, “NB”, “B”)

Note: NB is returned when the value is not blank and B is returned when the values is blank.

For a decision type field, this will return B when the value is set to off/no/false.


Does using LENGTH() function to see if a field is blank work for all field types?

And am I correct in thinking that a number field with a zero in it (“0”) is not blank?