Checklist Developoment

Hey Tada Community…need some guidance. I am having a brain block on how to develop a checklist for persons to update.

Here is the background:
An “incident” is created. Each incident should have its own set of checklists that can be updated.

The list of tasks (example below) are to be updated with a status. How do I build the table/connection to the main “incident” table?

Any help would surely be appreciated!

Thanks much,

Start with connecting a child table (tasks) to a parent table (incidents). You can then start using count fields in the incident table to count completed tasks or incomplete tasks, have independent statuses for each task, assign tasks to users (if applicable), etc.

Are the tasks repetitive throughout all incidents? If so, you can use this -

Edit: just looked at your image again and realized there’s actually 3 levels to this. Incidents, task categories, and task/subtasks. You can make a third table, but I would try connecting the tasks table to itself with a field that handles the categories. So create records called “Receive Appointments” and the other 2 that are in bold, and connect those records to each actual task. Or you could put those 3 bold headings as a select field

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Aha, I was looking exactly for this answer @tim.young!!! Thank you so much!