Choose from a dynamic select option field

I wonder if anyone has already achieved something like this… We have a need to fill in a form, in most cases the value is likely to be the same.

an example would be: the reason why a customer chose a fixed rate for their mortgage.

I don’t want to use a select option field as the list of responses can be updated by any employee and also we need the option to edit the chosen value from the list

Currently we use the Breevy snippet editor but it would be better if we could have something built in to our app. i did this in our old app when we used Alpha 5 so i understand the structure, just not the process of selecting from a list and having that selection posted in to a text field which could be further personalised to that client.

Hope this makes sense.

Thank you for taking the time to make this video. This looks like a great solution. :smiley:

Much appreciated.