Click submit button and go to the next page under the same record!

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I have table, and this table has details and edit. Inside the details page, I add a form to connect to parent record, after submit, I want to be redirected to the details page.

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Based on the posts, my assumption is that al the records you are trying to edit are on the same record line (in your table)… if you want to let the user flip pages, while showing them the same table records ( but different fields) it’s better to use the default button and create to different pages with different details…

Also, the form component is only capable of adding data and not editing fields.

The problem you are trying to solve is in line with previous issues i experienced. But try to work with all the functionalities which Tadabase provides( which are the best in the current market for no code builders) and try to find something that helps you achieve your goal instead of copying some other tool/ platform in Tadabase.

Thank you. What I want to achieve is to fill up the details of the parent record, step by step, where I can make an options like yes or no in some point. While doing that, collecting those records and put it in to 1 table and compare the details later.

Thank you sir. I will try to look for some more options. I have found a way though on how to connect 2 records without a direct connections, just going to the next page is the problem.

I appreciate your advice.
Thank you!

This is solved :slight_smile: Click Here

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