Client Portal for Document Collection & Transaction Management

We are in the real estate/mortgage business and collect a large amount of documentation from our clients over the course of a transaction.

Has anyone had any success setting up a client facing portal to manage project communication and document collection like this?

Ultimately I’m trying to figure out whether this is something that we can do natively within Tadabase or if we’ll have to utilize a third-party application.

I was googling around a bit and came across this app which seems pretty simple and generic, but this is the kind of functionality we are looking for. We don’t need anything fancy.

hi @james
I have not created any app for the real estate industry yet, but many of the applications that I have developed with Tadabase have been very successful. I believe that you may need to think of some key requirements, for example: number of users, size of your database and number of workflows required. Do you need to integrate with external apps and etc. And you will need to have a very clear scope of work.
Hope this helps.

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Over 50% of the apps built on the platform are client facing.

I’d be happy to answer any specific questions.

Hi @james I’m new to Tadabase but I’m in the process of migrating an internal app to Tadabase so that ultimately we can extend the solution to our clients in a cut down portal. I probably wouldn’t be migrating it if I didn’t have the desire to extend out to our clients. That Portal solution looks interesting but for me I want a single point of truth and I’m hoping to achieve that with TB. I’d be interested to hear which route you go down and especially if you build it out in TB. All the best, Graham.

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@sahiraz Thank you for the advice!

@moe Thanks, the things that have been the most helpful are the templates. Whether it’s the template apps inside TB, Tim’s quest to master the sidebar, or Chem’s multi step web form, all of them are really helpful. They help a lot with inspiration and guidance on how to design UX/UI, so the more of those you guys can create, the better.

Ultimately my goal is to create a client portal with:

  1. Basic deal status information (this part is easy)
  2. A list of all of the outstanding items that the client needs to upload. The client would be able to click on each item in the list and upload the corresponding documentation.

What you are trying to achieve sounds pretty straight forward and doable in Tadabase. I have been developing a property management solution in tadabase for real estate investors which is similar and I have created a bunch of other solutions as well. I think with the communities help you should have no problem achieving your goals.

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Does it generally make more sense to put all of the client fields in the user table (assuming you have 25+ fields for clients)?

or would it be better to keep the “User” table clean with minimal fields and then have a relationship to another table that has all of the client data?

I added the fields to the user table as it makes the flow a little bit easier instead of having to connect to another table. I have at least 25 fields in the user table with no issues.

This is just my opinion but I do believe it makes programming rules etc easier. If others disagree I’d love to here the reasons.


Thanks for the tip! I think I’m going to move forward building it that way then