Column Value through Javascript

Can we get column value through JavaScript ?

@bas123 This might be possible. But might I suggest using a pipe? You can use pipes to load a new column based on a Pipe response. If you share some more context of what you’re looking to do I’d be happy to try and guide you the best that I can.

Here is my problem : Table are not connected . I need to select items from checklist and need to search on the table productlist which are not connected :

Hi @bas123,

Are you looking to achieve the same result as your post here? - Excess search Field Id and Dropdown list id

Is there a reason why you are not using any connections between these data tables?

Yes Tim , SO would you help me how can I achieve it after creating connection.

Here are my tables:

@bas123 I would be happy to give you some assistance in making connections between your tables; however, connections are dependent on how you’ve structured and built your app, and it’s various workflows. So you need to choose a solution that works best for you and your app. Specifically, what I mean is - you can add connections between data tables as you wish but you need to also build in workflows and processes to create and manage those connections on the Live App (page builder) through forms, action links, record rules; or on the data builder with table rules.

My point here is that it’s helpful to try and plan out all of those connections, relationships, and workflows prior to creating your database.

With that being said, it looks like you’ve done a nice job building out some processes to manage your data.

In order to best utilize the Search Component, you should be searching the data table that contains child records. Please take a look at the following screenshots and demo app as reference. In the demo app I have a parent data table called Projects, and a child data table called Time Sheets. The terms parent and child come from how the connection is made between them. In this case, the connection is made from (child) TimeSheets to (parent) Projects and the connection is set to a one-to-one relationship. The connections that you make can be one-to-many if that works better for your app.

In the page builder, I added a Search Component to search Time Sheets and a Table Component with a data source of Time Sheets. The search component is setup to search on the connection field and the results are displayed in the Time Sheets datatable where the field {Projects} is the search criteria from the Search Component.!/search

With all of the above in mind and from what information I have about your application, it looks like you’ll want to add a connection from Product List to RoomCategoriesChecklist. I think it would be a one-to-many but I’m not 100% sure because I don’t know the full scope of your database/application.

Then in your search component, you would search for records from the Product List data table, using the connection field that made in that data table.

I apologize if I explained things that you already knew, I just wanted to be sure that I was being as clear and informative as possible.

Hope this helps.